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couleurs et santéIn all these voyages, I was always contemplative, dazed by the most shimmering colors which always touched me in the depths of myself, nearly beyond all analysis and explanation.

I felt strong emotions, vibrations, I harnessed (*gained) sources of positive energy and I received spiritual messages.

Color exerts a great influence on our lives.

They have more than all other things, the power to transform our environment, to arouse an immense variety of reactions, from filling us with enthusiasm, to inspiring us, to improving the quality of our lives .

colors and well beingAnd yes ! colors plays on our health and our psyche, they stimulate our vitality, relieve (*lessen) our stress, and bring us inner harmony.

The preventive or therapeutic use of color is essential as a complement to traditional ways of recuperation, and accentuates the positive affects of a durable resolution to illness.

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I help you to associate your inner colors, because each room in your home has a very precise function and necessitates an appropriate choice, capable of creating and maintaining (*cultivating) harmony.

I define in a therapeutic plan, the properties of color which improve your health.

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