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Feng Shui literally means « wind of water », is a very ancient art practiced in China for thousands of years, which is concerned with the flow of energy in the home, and the placement of furniture.

In the west, its practice has become widely spread, and its devotees note very quickly a change in the atmosphere in their homes, in their family relationships, and in their personal well being , as well as a regaining of energy that transforms and brightens up (* improves the quality of) their life.

Feng Shui is based on the principle of the circulation of energy currents or « Chi », inside the home.

Its objective is to permit these energy currents to freely circulate in all the rooms of the home and to listen, to insure that they do not remain blocked or stagnant.

Chi also circulates in the world around us and in our bodies : certain Eastern practices , such as Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, or shiatsu, have resorted to complex diagnostic measures aimed at detecting the location of where energy is blocked in the body.

The flow of energy is capable of correcting or removing the blockages, sources of illness, or of discomfort (*discontent, unhappiness).

Examples of negative energies :
- sharp angles of furniture,
- deep nooks or recesses
In order to free oneself of these negative energies, there exist some remedies, which I will explain to you.

Feng Shui is the study of Yin (feminine and soft), and of Yang (penetrating and strong). I will comment on the most effective use of color with respect to the five Elements (fire, water, wood, earth and metal), which are associated with the eight directions of the compass, which corresponds to the different types of Aspirations (celebrity, career, health, children, love, wealth, knowledge, and luck).

How to purify a space after a dispute, illness, and at the time of moving in (*arranging a space).
I will determine for you the directions which are the most favorable for you.

For this, I will define your « Kua » number, this « Kua » number determines your Best Directions (south, south-east, south-west, north, north-east, etc .....).

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