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For certain clients, their « Kua » number doesn’t correspond to them. I must therefore adapt, in accordance with my analysis, my perception, my sensibility, different remedies, based on the personality, sensibility, culture, beliefs, superstitions, and religious beliefs of each individual.

I do not above all wish to offend the great masters of Feng Shui, and in this I apologize, but my primary mission is to listen to and help people find their well being, and to transmit positive vibes, and not to impose.

I give myself permission to modify the rules of Feng Shui in meeting the needs of my personal advice, and in order to not offend anyone, I thought it better to create a word understandable to everyone, and easily pronounced. I have therefore decided to create a new profession of advice:

What definition can one give to the word « POSITIVOLOGIST » ?

The science of positivology refers to a person who takes care of the « relooking » of your home, in order that you always remain in a state of positivity.

The person who counsels you on well-being, will accompany you in your personal and professional development, in order to make it relevant to you, and to you always staying in a good mood.

At that time, you will meet with me for counselling on Feng Shui and Positivology.

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