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Who I am ?  

For more than 15 years, I have travelled the world alone in search of a better world.

I have shared tea with the Touaregs in Attar, Mauritania.


Custom dictates that one always serves three teas for the following reasons:

- the first is bitter like death,

- the second pleasant like life,

- the third is sweet like love.


A Touareg proverb says: “ A tea without mousse is a Touareg without his scarf “.


In Tanzania and Kenya, I wore the sparkling colored jewellery of the Massai.

I was contemplative before their proud presence, dressed in a red tunic, spear in hand, hair braided, gleaming and tinted red.


I have hunted with the Vezous, fished with a spear in the region of Moromba Madagascar.

My eyes have been dazzled by the aquatic world, a multicolored bouquet of plants, fish and shellfish.


I have drunken rum with the last surviving Caribbean Armeridians of Dominica.

There are no more than 3000 living in a territory, which belongs to them and in which they practice their own ways and customs.

The valleys and hills are covered with an extraordinary, luxuriant tropical vegetation.

All these voyages have allowed me to make relevant my daily life.

All these different people have brought me happiness, color, and given me their smile despite all their difficulties for survival.

Since this time, I am always telling myself that I don’t have the right to complain.

For several years my friends have asked me what I was searching for, and I didn’t have a response

One day, I received a call, at last a response to my quest.

The message said:

“Take your liberty,

Free yourself of all negative thoughts (*spirits),

See only happiness each day without thinking about tomorrow,

Share you feelings (*sentiments), your colors, your sensitivities.”

All that I have stored in the depths of me, these voyages, these encounters, these moments of contemplation, I transmit them to each individual.

I counsel (*advise) my private clients on spirit, on interior decoration, on well-being in teir lives, on listening to their hearts, their sensibilities, I help to liberate them.

I bring a sunset in the form of a net curtain, double curtains, in parting numerous nuances of orange and fuchsia, greatly appreciated for their softness and naturalness.

I invite rest and tranquillity in bringing green, the symbol of nature, of freshness, and of health.

With yellow, the color of light and warmth, the symbol of wealth and prosperity which draws one’s regard, the sun enters the home moving one away from the sadness of the long gray days of winter...

I love travelling the world for the diversity of people, of beliefs, of cultures, of religions, and in collecting the most unusual objects.

For all these years, after having studied Art History, the history of furniture, and art and style, I worked in very diverse houses of fashion (Weston, Orcade, Minelli, Kookai...) which has permitted me to observe different styles.

Kookai was the most enriching experience because it opened a world where I had to listen, advise, and guide clients from different cultures.

My daily life was based on taking risks, where regent war (Israel), terrorism (Algeria), political instability...


All these experiences of sharing, of listening, of exchange, have pushed me towards advising in interior decoration

Interior decoration, much like the world, has no boundaries, it allows us to be fraternal.

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